2020 is the start of a decade that is going to see some pretty big changes, and we have to engage with life to get the best out of it. We all know that life is going to do life the only way it knows how, which means it's up to us to have mechanisms in place to handle it as best we can, in the good, bad and in between times. 

It's all about the choices you make for yourself and how that matches in with your personal evolution.

By signing up to this list, you can expect to receive a stack of meaningful content to help you through your life. I spend an substantial quantity of time reading and learning and looking for patterns that can help answer the Why? question we ask of ourselves, so if something is big enough to talk about, you'll be the first to receive an email. There will be links available in the emails to sign up for the next step in your evolutionary process, of which there will never be any obligation, it will depend on what you are choosing for yourself.

We are all in our own space with our evolutionary process - which means, there's no right or wrong of where we are at.

What this list is NOT, is one of those marketing tools where you get harped at to sign up to something. At the bottom of all the emails you receive from me will be pictures or links to any offers I have going, and all you have to do is scroll up or down to see those.

Thank you for choosing to bring new information into your life to help you stay on top of things. My purpose for being here is to teach you what Emotional Evolution looks like in this new era of the Now Age. 

So let's get to it!
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